Innovative Self-motivation

This really is about innovative self-motivation. My name is Nile and my next 6 months will be focused on mastering the principles and methods of self motivated individuals’. At this instant I will write about anger since it sure as hell doesn’t take much to make that emotion in me. “At the moment It’s the Middle East and Indians(From India) Honestly not every them exactly the stereotype. The very fact, is the anger is self-imposed and many likely a mirror of the items I hate most in myself. In this instance there isn’t any motivation produced from anger. Fortunately these self-destructive emotions is going to be eliminated.

Why am I angry and never motivated? # ONE: I’m lazy and it is much easier to let my face contort and change deep red. #TWO: It makes me feel something similar to power. (That’s twisted and ironically isn’t things i exude in this state of mind) Power that is… No, It’s my job to just seem like the neighborhood, mental asshole. Honestly I really could continue for to long about anger; don’t worry if the interested 1 day you can read my book.

What’s important, is I’ll change my inner motivation with innovation. Believe me it takes some new Hi Tech gadget to rework this slow,warped mind of mine. Not a new technology will work This person is going to need a non secular awakening.

Really, what is am I to do? Fortunately there are several answers. There’s not only answers there’s Action, Mind-Set, Mastery!

Mastery? That appears long and hard. Obviously that’s all compared to your individual experience. Regardless, Mastery with the motivational thoughts are going to be difficult if not difficult. Personally I like to wake up around 12:00 noon. That’s the God’s truth. After many years of habitual sleeping in; inside them for hours to be effective.. “A regular job” (Obviously second shift); this leaves you almost no room for practicing life motivation skills. (Purpose Driven Life motivation)

Alright let’s get real as they say. I need massive reorganization skills. You start with what time and energy to wake up. Before we begin spouting off a number of goals for tomorrow morning i want to give attention to a formula.

I’m competitive (In sports) and really should utilize this emotion to challenge my self to a new improved Nile. Yes, a “90 Day Challenge”! Similar to the reality T.V. show Biggest Loser… except my goals could be more than shedding pounds. (Actually I’ll wish to gain 15 lbs of muscle) No, this is about losing my negative self-image internally and replacing it with Joy, Love and Self-confidence. Look, I’ve read enough self-help books to correct Charlie Sheen (sure he’s got too.) perhaps the biggest issue is discerning, applying and acting on the data. One principle that definitely works is C.A.N.I.; innovated by the best Guru Anthony Robbins. C.A.N.I. Constant And Never-ending Improvement. So The first day I’ll begin small as well as simple but each day is going to be consistently tougher.

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